The Benefits of Automatic Driving Lessons Dublin

The Benefits of Automatic Driving Lessons Dublin

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    The Benefits of Automatic Driving Lessons in Dublin

    Automatic Driving Lessons Dublin is honoured to provide our students with automatic transmission testing cars along with 12 hours of Essential Driver Training lessons.

    This article will describe the multitude of benefits that accompany hiring an automatic test car with your driving lessons.

    What is the benefit of hiring a car for lessons?


    There are many standards and regulations that must be met in order to drive a vehicle on the roads of Ireland. These regulations are set by the National Car Test (NCT), which is a mandatory test for all cars in Ireland to ensure that all cars are roadworthy.

    Failing to pass the test can be costly, so Automatic Driving Lessons Dublin is happy to provide our students with automatic testing cars that will fulfill your needs.

    Our automatic transmission test cars come with pre-paid insurance in the event that a vehicle might be damaged. This is because we understand that accidents always happen, especially when learning how to do something new!
    Testing Standards
    After 25 years, Automatic Driving Lessons Dublin has a thorough understanding of the National Car Test rules and regulations. This is why our cars are always upheld to the highest standards to ensure your safety.
    Less Stress
    With absurdly meticulous regulations and standards to meet, we understand that the process of finding the right car for driving lessons can be difficult and stressful. This is why we offer automatic vehicles with our EDT lessons – we value your time and safety. All you need to do is come to your driving lessons prepared to learn and in a positive mindset!

    Why do you provide automatic transmission vehicles rather than manuals?


    Throughout the last few years, automatic transmission engines have become extremely popular. This is largely because automatic cars only have two peddles and do not require manual gearshifting, making it easier to drive and allowing for both hands on the wheel at all times.

    In addition, manual transmission cars can be dangerous to learn with for inexperienced drivers.

    This is because of a phenomenon known as stalling, which occurs when an engine is overloaded and causes the vehicle to turn off. This can be extremely dangerous when driving, especially for a novice driver who many not know how to react or think on their feet.

    Here at Automatic Driving Lessons Dublin, we value your health and safety, which is why we provide our learning drivers with the safest vehicles available!

    How much does it cost?


    Automatic Driving Lessons Dublin is very pleased to offer EDT driving lessons with an automatic car to our students to make your driver’s education easy and affordable. We competitively price our Automatic EDT 12 package at €450.00.

    When you enroll in our first-class, professional EDT lessons, you are receiving over 25 years of experience, a driving instructor with in-depth knowledge on driver safety, excellent customer service, and an unrivalled driver’s test pass-rate!

    Your car will be fully insured, in perfect condition, and ready for you to learn and engage with our instructors!

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    We hope that we provided you with the information you need regarding automatic lessons Dublin! If you have any further questions, please feel free to give us a call 085 103 7630.

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