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Automatic EDT Driving Lessons Dublin

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    Automatic Driving Lessons Dublin offers a wide variety of packages and driving lessons, including Automatic Driving lessons and Essential Driver Training (EDT).

    On this page we will elaborate on the various automatic EDT packages we provide, and what is the process for completing your EDT Syllabus.

    What is Essential Driver Training (EDT)?


    Essential Driver Training (EDT) is a mandatory training course required by the Road Safety Authority (RSA) that teaches new and inexperienced drivers the skills and fundamental knowledge necessary to become a licensed driver.

    Automatic Driving Lessons Dublin offers an Automatic EDT package which provides our students with state-of-the-art driving lessons along with an automatic transmission car, all for one affordable and competitive price!

    For more information regarding our packages, please visit our pricing page which can be found through the home page of our website!

    Why is EDT Mandatory?


    According to the Road Safety Authority, young and inexperienced drivers are more likely to die or be seriously injured in collisions. In fact, individuals between the ages of 15 and 29, who make up the majority of learner drivers, have higher crash rates than any other age group.

    Essential Driver Training is an effective way to help reduce these numbers by ensuring that every driver has a understanding of the road before getting their license. Automatic Driving Lessons Dublin is very pleased to offer top-of-the-line EDT lessons for anyone and everyone looking to get on the road.

    We can ensure that our lessons will provide you with a critical understanding of driving skills, knowledge, and behavior.

    How do EDT Lessons Work?


    Our Essential Driver Training course is comprised of 12 separate lessons, each one hour in length as required by the Road Safety Authority. Our lessons are designed to provide you with a structured learning environment solely focused on your needs to ensure that you develop the skills and understanding of what it takes to be a safe driver.

    After you complete each lesson, you and one of our professional driving instructors will record your progress in a logbook to guarantee that each hour of your hard work is recorded. Your logbook can also be used to help plan at-home practice sessions, prepare for your next lesson, or identify any skills that might need to be sharpened.

    Remember, you need to bring your logbook to every session!

    What is a Sponsor?


    When learning to drive, every learner should have a sponsor. A sponsor is an experienced and reliable driver who has held their license for a significant amount of time. Many inexperienced drivers choose to have a family member as their sponsor to supervise them while on the road outside of mandatory EDT lessons.

    While the Road Safety Authority only requires 12 EDT lessons, it takes the average person around 40 to 50 hours of practice before they are competent behind the wheel!

    Fortunately, Automatic Driving Lessons Dublin also provides separate lesson packages where you can gain more practice and hone your skills until you are comfortable behind the wheel because our instructors value you and your safety.

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