Automatic Driving Lessons vs Manual Driving Lessons

Automatic Driving Lessons vs Manual Driving Lessons

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    Find Out Why People Choose Automatic vs Manual Lessons

    Automatic driving lessons Dublin are very pleased to provide our students with automatic transmission test cars and Essential Driver Training lessons with an automatic transmission testing car for competitive and affordable prices.

    This article will explain the differences between manual and automatic transmission cars and discuss the pros and cons of each transmission type.

    What is the difference between automatic and manual transmissions?


    There are two basic car types in the world: automatic transmission and manual transmission. Both work as means of transportation, but there are key differences between the two car types.

    It is nearly impossible to decide of one is better than the other – it simply depends on individual driving preferences and techniques.

    Automatic Transmission

    Manual Transmissions

    • Gearshifting is completed by car automatically
    • Gearshifting is not automatically done by car
    • Drivers must manually conduct gearshifts
    • Costs for repair are sometimes high
    • Requires drivers to constantly be engaged
    • Less stress and concentration to use
    • Harder to learn to use
    • Preferred by parents and learner drivers
    • Has clutch pedal
    • Does not have clutch pedal
    • Risk of stalling

    Manual Transmissions


    A manual transmission, sometimes referred to as a stick-shift, requires the driver to manually change a car’s gears. To change gears, a clutch, which is positioned between the engine and transmission, must be released.

    The driver than chooses which gear they would like to use and re-engages the clutch. In addition to being difficult to learn and known to cause driver fatigue, engaging a clutch too quickly can cause a manual car to stall.

    Stalling is a phenomenon that occurs when a manual engine is overloaded, causing the vehicle to stop running. This is not only frightening when driving, it is extremely dangerous, and can cause collisions and fatal accidents.

    One pro to driving manual transmissions, however, is that the driver has more control over the car because the gearshift allows the driver to adjust the speed and overall drive of the car.

    Automatic Transmissions


    Automatic transmission engines have grown extremely popular throughout the years and is often the preferred form of transportation. This is largely due to the fact that, with only two pedals, automatic vehicles are safer and easier to drive.

    It is nearly impossible to stall an automatic engine, and it generally more comfortable to drive because it allows the driver to keep both hands on the wheel the entire time.

    In addition, automatic cars require less maintenance, though it is important to note that repair costs are considerably high and are more widely distributed than manual cars.

    As such, learning to drive with an automatic transmission prepares you for driving after completing your driver’s education.

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